SportEAR X-Pro Passive Earplugs

Price: £22.50
Product Details

SportEAR X-Pro ear earplugs are perfect for anyone that wants to hear normal sounds whilst blocking out damaging sounds at the same time. 

The unique design of the SportEAR X-Pro has a special valve that allows you to customise how much you want to hear! 

Simply insert the ear plugs in your ears then decide which mode you want to be in: First, push the button in to open the valve - you'll hear sound clearly and naturally - almost seems as if your ears aren't even plugged. Then when loud sounds hit your ears, the Dynamic Sound Valve™ will automatically screen those sounds out protecting your hearing. Second, simply close the valve by pushing in again for total hearing protection. These are small, handy and can go anywhere with you. 

  • 12dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) against normal sounds - in open position
  • 21dB NRR against normal sounds - in closed position
  • 29dB NRR against damaging loud sounds - foam tips (supplied)
  • 22dB NRR against damaging loud sounds - silicone tips (supplied)
Brand: SportEAR

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