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RE Ranger Classic Lenses are made from 'NexPC' which has 6 times more impact resistance than standard polycarbonate lenses. The professional grade optics offer 100% distortion free visibility whilst being strong and scratch resistant.

RE Ranger Classic premium lenses offer even better contrast and definition than the standard lenses with orange colours being boosted by up to 250%! Simply superb.

Classic Premium Lens Colours:

ColorMag (53) - Intensifies orange targets against any background. See up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens without affecting other colours. (18.50% LT)

Copper Polarized (55) - This lens blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast in other colours. Excellent for shooting targets against a green background on a bright day. Also great for sight fishing. (12% LT)

*LT stands for 'Luminous Transmittance' which represents the amount of light that passes through a lens.

Code Colour Price Qty  
RE-CLSCMAG ColorMag (53)
RE-CLSCOPP Copper Polarized (55)
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