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Pilla Sportsman 560 Lenses

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Pilla Sportsman 560 lenses use 'ColorTrast' technology made by ZEISS for crystal clear undistorted vision.

The lenses have no post for the nosepiece allowing a completely unobstructed view of the target. The unique design also allows the lenses to be changed quickly and easily.

Pilla Sportsman 560 Lens Colours:

25CB, 35CV, 40CP, 45CO, 50CV, 65CP, 70CY, 85CY

Did you know?
The number of each lens indicates the amount of light that will pass through it e.g. the 25CB allows 25% of light to pass through whilst the 65CP will transmit 65%. The higher the number the more light is allowed into the eye.

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Brand: Pilla

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