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Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses

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Pilla Outlaw X6 lenses are made exclusively by Zeiss using VIVX technology to ensure that you get the clearest view of the target possible. The quality of these lenses really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Each lens has a 7 layer anti-reflective coating that reduces 99.9% of 'visual noise' on the backside of the lens. The coating also makes water sheet off the lens and makes cleaning easier with superior scratch resistance. The lenses have no front frame which provides a completely unobstructed view of the target.

NOTE: Outlaw X6 lenses are slightly less curved than Outlaw X7 lenses and are designed to fit medium to large heads (Outlaw X7 lenses are suitable for small to medium heads).

Pilla Outlaw X6 Lens Colours:

10ED - This lens is designed for use in bright conditions and provides 'Enhanced Definition' to produce rich colour reproduction.

22N - Designed to 'neutralise' green backgrounds whilst enhancing orange or pink targets and maintaining perfect depth of field in bright light.

26ED - 'Enhanced Definition' lenses produce perfect colour balance while enhancing the entire colour spectrum for vibrant target resolution.

32MXB - The latest Max Orange technology uses Pilla Zeiss Chromashift to give a 600% boost to orange targets! The lens also has a bronze filter to enhance contrast.

35DC - The DC filtration was originally engineered for archery, however it also works brilliantly for shooting as it gives black targets enhanced definition by lifting black resolution. This is a full sun lens and is very good in open sky and field shooting.

44ED - This lens is for medium light and provides 'Enhanced Definition' across the entire colour spectrum. A good all-round lens.

44N - This lens is for use in medium light and is designed to 'neutralise' (flatten) green backgrounds whilst significantly enhancing the contrast of orange or pink targets.

45MAX - This lens boosts the contrast of orange targets by over 600% and is designed for use in medium light conditions. This is a superbly versatile lens that really helps with target acquisition.

50RHC - A high contrast lens mixing red hues and purple. Perfect for medium light filtered by cloud cover. Orange targets are enhanced while being balanced and calming on the eye.

55PWC - Designed for medium light conditions, this lens use both Max Orange and Chromashift technology. The peach colour enhances orange and pink targets beautifully. This is a must have for the clay shooter.

58ED - This lens is designed for use in medium to low light and provides a balanced sight picture across all colours. Ideal for both clay and game shooting.

60DC - This lens is similar to the 35DC but it lets in around twice the amount of light. An excellent lens for black targets in medium to poor lighting conditions.

60HCP - This lens is for medium to poor light conditions providing a high contrast on targets. An extremely bright lens that wakes up the eye.

62HCW - A beautifully balanced lens that uses Chromashift technology to enhance targets in lower light conditions.

66N - This lens provides the same background 'neutralisation' as the 22N and 44N but allows more light through making it ideal for use in lower light conditions.

69MWN - This is a speciality lens designed to enhance target resolution in flat grey light while maintaining a high level of contrast on the target.

76HC - A high contrast lens that lights up the sight picture without losing definition or depth of field in low light. This is a 'must have' lens for shooting in low light.

94HC - A high contrast lens that is perfect for extreme low light.

99AR - This is a clear lens that provides protection along with the benefits of anti-reflective technology. Perfect for extremely low light conditions.

Did you know?
The number of each lens indicates the amount of light that will pass through it e.g. the 45MX allows 45% of light to pass through whilst the 69MWN will transmit 69%. The higher the number the more light is allowed into the eye.

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